Underground Brewing Logo

Hard work and passion goes into our community everyday, and coincidently, it also goes into making a good pint

Our beer is brewed with the finest ingredients and hand-crafted with passion in order to provide our customers with the best possible taste profiles. We have spent years perfecting our recipes, carefully selecting each element to create a great aroma and even better taste.

The Underground Brewing team is made up of several like-minding individuals who enjoy working hard to brew a good beer, but also enjoy kicking back and drinking a good beer. 

Together we hope to brew a craft beer that we can all enjoy.


Feature Brews

Underground Brewing is currently looking for a location to call home and open up the official brewhouse. Until then, you can find out where you can drink our beer at the many great locations by visiting our website.

High Grade Blonde Ale

Golden, bubbly, and crisp with a clean taste that takes over your taste buds. A beautiful citrus aroma!

Gold Digger Cream Ale

A rich coloured ale with a well balanced malt hop flavour leaving you with a very smooth crushable pint. It’s perfect for any occasion!

Toburn Amber Ale

Our *NEW* flagship ale

Visit undergroundbrew.ca for more information.