Norse Brewery

Norse Brewery offers all natural craft beer in the Parry Sound area Muskoka.

All-natural, carefully crafted beers are brewed with no additives or shortcuts in the brewing process. The highest quality ingredients, pure-filtered water, patience, and passion for this craft, come together to bring you flavors that can be enjoyed over and over again.

Whether you’re looking for a beer to sip on, or a pairing for your meal, Norse beers promise to be a great companion to any occasion. Clean and crisp flavors, subtle undertones that continue to give. Pick up your favorite today and taste the difference.

Feature Brews

All of Norse’s beverages can be enjoyed at their brewery Wednesday – Sunday 11am – 5pm at 11 Ritchie Drive in Nobel Ontario


Norse Maibock is a combination of Canadian, German, and English malt varieties, spiced with German and Canadian/UK hops for the floral citrus and black-currant undertones and finished by lager yeast variety for the refreshing and crisp experience of the old-style Maibock.

Golden Ale
Dark Ale
Red Ale

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