Project Description

The Beer

Our beer is brewed with the finest ingredients and hand crafted with passion in order to provide our customers with the best possible taste profiles. We have spent years perfecting our recipes, carefully selecting each element to create a great aroma, and even better taste.

The Team

The Underground Brewing team is made up of several like-minding individuals who enjoy working hard to brew a good beer, but also enjoy kicking back and drinking a good beer.  Together we hope to brew a craft beer that we can all enjoy.

The Owner

The owner, and head brewer Mark Pearce was born and raised in Kirkland Lake. He started brewing small batches of craft beer in his basement in 2012, as Mark’s passion for craft beer grew, so did his brewing ambitions. 

Growing up in Kirkland Lake, Mark is no stranger to the outdoors. He has a great love for nature and when he isn’t working as a paramedic in the community he is outdoors fishing, camping or inside brewing a new recipe.

Mark is a well known face in the community and is loved for his charismatic and witty personality. He is a devoted husband to wife Leah, who plays an important role ensuring the success of this brewery, 

Together, they are extremely proud to share with you the craft recipes they have spent years perfecting.


Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada

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