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A group of friends looking to give back to their hometown the best way they know how. BEER!

A passion for craft beer and supporting community-led three North Bay friends to found Gateway City Brewery. Founders Jeff Hodge, Mike Perreault, and Sully Sullivan share a deep sense of pride for North Bay and want to see their community grow and flourish. They figured what better way to spread that love for their city than with great tasting, fresh craft beer. 

Rounding out the team is John “The Brewer” Palko, a southern Ontario resident who took to the west to learn this craft, earning the head brewer position at Jasper Brewing Co. in picturesque Alberta. John (“JTB”) is eager to share his delicious craft beer recipes with North Bay and all of Ontario.

Feature Brews

All of Gateway City’s beverages are available for purchase on their online store and in their taproom at the brewery located at 600-612 Gormanville Rd. Unit 206 in North Bay Ontario.


This lager balances the delicate malty flavours of German Pilsen malt with the slightly spicy & pleasant herbal flavours of German Tettnanger hops. 626 Pils features a well-known German lager yeast strain and is carefully brewed to produce a crisp & refreshing Pilsner.


11.17 is heavily hopped with a blend of Amarillo & Mosaic hops for an intense and distinct bouquet of orange, citrus, and berry which sits on a lightly malty base of Canadian Pale Ale & Pilsner malt.

Adventure Bay

Peach flavoured hard sparkling water!

Lookout #3

This American-style IPA is our outlet for exploring hop combinations from around the world. Each iteration will feature a different hop combination from one hop-producing country. Each batch will be different. You will find this beer available on both pilot scale and production scale with anything from single-hopped iterations to complex hop blends but only from varieties originating from the same country.

Over The Falls

Over The Falls is our take on the New Zealand Pilsner. This beer leans towards a clean, crisp and hoppy German Pils and away from its malty and complex Czech counterpart. Brewed with Canadian Pilsen malt and New Zealand’s Motueka hop, expect a clean fermentation profile with a medium-bodied bready and cracker-like malty base with a smooth bitterness and a bold, zesty hop profile reminiscent of tropical fruits, lemons and limes.

Northern Belle

Brewed in partnership with our friends at Brew Culture we introduce to you this German-Style Helles lager that has a healthy dose of Triticale for a silky texture and a peppery finish. Add in a hint of smoked grain and some White Labs yeast and you have a very approachable, yet complex beer.


Citra & Azacca hops give this NEIPA big flavours of tropical fruit, citrus, coconut, and stone fruit.

Double Super Jackpot

This beer has the robust body you’d expect from a Vienna lager with a nice balanced hop kick.

Electric North

Our American Pale Ale was brewed with experimental hop HBC-630. HBC 630 is complex and fruity, with Sweet Fruits and Berries like Raspberry and Cherry, along with sweet candy-like esters and lactones giving creamy notes of peach and banana.

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